After appearing on a few podcasts, I decided to start my own one. I wanted to create one about my favourite subject, films, but I didn't know what angle to take. I was talking about this with fellow filmmaker, and podcaster, Clive Ashenden and he said that he hadn't heard one where they compare and contrast say a good film and a bad film of different directors. I thought it was a gret idea. All I needed was a co-host. I approached filmmaker Keith Eyles to be my co-host. He agreed and Movie Heaven Movie Hell was born.

The first episode went out in April 2015 and we have been going for a year now. You can listen to all the episodes here and other podcast where I have made appearances on.


MOVIE HEAVEN MOVIE HELL is a podcast where filmmakers Simon Aitken (BLOOD + ROSES, POST-ITS, MODERN LOVE) and Keith Eyles (FEAR VIEW, DRIVEN INSANE, CROSSED LINES) go through the A-Z of directors. Simon and Keith talk about their favourite and least favourite film from that director's body of work.

Rob Wickings and Clive Ashenden are writers, film-makers and all around clever-heads who have teamed up to smack popular culture right in the bonce-hole through the medium of sound. They like it geeky, and man alive, do they like to talk. Their monthly podcast (hosted by Rob’s ‘popular’ blog EXCUSES AND HALF TRUTHS) seeks to entertain, inform and eviscerate.

This is a weekly podcast from Britflicks.com. The aim is simple: promote and feature British film makers and actors. Stuart Wright, the host, is a professional journalist turned screenwriter with over seventeen years experience writing about art, film and music for the likes of: Dazed and Confused, Channel Four's website, and britflicks.com.

A London based carefree punk Podcast presented by Willy Harlow that brings you cool Things and Stuff that we have seen Man. A weekly Social Commentary show, where we will discuss anything & everything, from film, to music, to art, or whatever topics we feel we need to argue about. We share stories, ideas, talking points, recommendations. We endeavour to have an open forum and keep an open mind, so we can stimulate intelligent discussion. Any opinions are of the characters only and we don’t claim to know the solutions to anything.

From big screen blockbusters to video nasty cult favourites, movie conventions, film festivals, check out the Filmwerk podcast.