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In between our shorts and features, I get asked to do other projects like Music Videos, Corporates, Behind The Scenes Documentaries and Acting Pieces. Here they are, including videos I haven't released before. Enjoy!


In between shooting Fire Power and Good Cop Dead Cop, I produced a TV pilot for Max Somerset, called Trick Or Street. The idea of the show was that Max would go out onto the streets of England and do magic tricks with members of the public. I got a cameraman and sound recordist and we film for 3 days in London during the Easter Break. We actually did a trick with Sienna Miller, before she was famous. We showed the pilot to ITV, but unfortunately it wasn't picked up. But it did help pave the way for Max's other shows on TV.


Over the years I have filmed acting exercises. It first started with this one, Domestic. It was a showreel piece for Ashvin-Kumar Joshi. I had answered an advert on Shooting People, where Ashvin was looking for 6 directors to shoot 6 showreel pieces. I applied and thankfully I was chosen to direct one. In this scene, a husband and a wife have an arguement.

VHS (2003)

VHS is the second showreel piece I did with Ashvin. This one is based on a scene from the film 8MM. I was only going to do one of theses, but I was asked to do this one by Ashvin. The original director wanted to spend a lot of money on cameras and lights, which Ashvin couldn't afford it. So we shot this on a small miniDV camera, and had a lot of fun.

Modern Woman (2003)

Victoria J. Wood asked me to shoot this monologue. I decided that we should shoot into the mirror. It worked out really well, I think.

Mini DV (2004)

After I finished filming Blocked, Ashvin wanted to finish shooting scenes for his showreel. He had 4 of them done, he just needed to shoot 2 more. This one is a scene from Sex, Lies And Videotape. We had so much fun on VHS, that Ashvin asked me to shoot the last two showreel pieces, so we shot this and Don Juan Ravi on the same day with Lorraine Molins.


Don Juan Ravi is the final showreel piece I did with Ashvin. After we finished shooting Mini DV, the actors changed clothes and we shot this. This scene was written by Ashvin, from an idea he had for a feature film about this character who is a bit of a ladies man.

LE MANS (2005)

I was given the opportunity to attend the Le Mans 24 Hr Endurance Race. I brought my camera with me and used it to shoot footage from the race. I edited it using the music from the band Apollo 440. It came out so well, that the TVR Club of London sent it out to their members.

JACK & JILL (2006)

During 2006 I decided to shoot a short a month. I started the year by shooting Post-its. Then in Febraury I shot these 2 test commericals. It was based on an idea a friend of mine had for a safe sex commercial. That this character called Jack sleeps around with women, telling them that it's his first time. With a character like that, you would need contracpetion. I decided that not only should the ladies be worried, but the men too.

For the shoot I invited actors and actresses to turn on the day and do an improvisation on camera. I shot with the actresses first for an hour. Then the next hour I shot with the actors. It was a lot of fun to do. It was also the changing of the guard. This was the last shoot I worked with Ashvin on, but it was the first one that I worked with Benjamin Green. (I would go onto work with Ben on Monologue Triptych, Blood + Roses and Why I Fight!)


I was asked by Elizabeth Knight (Blood + Roses) to shoot an audition piece for her. This gave me an opportunity to shoot on a DSLR. Now at the time I wasn't a big fan of them. I didn't think that shooting on a small camera could be so good. But once I shot this video, I was converted. It reminded me of the days of working on film. And from this point onwards I would shoot mostly on DSLRs.


I was recommended by Clive Ashenden to film the behind the scenes documentary of the making of a short called Driven Insane, written and directed by Keith Eyles. (Keith, of course, is my co-host on Movie Heaven Movie Hell Podcast) I filmed on location, I filmed interviews with the cast and crew, and I was given access to the other films in the Urban Chiller Tales to produce this short documentary. (Here is the full uncut interview with Keith and the full short)

A Scene From The Hours (2011)

I had worked with Nelly Kelligas on a feature called Demons And Doors. We got on well, so she asked me to direct this scene from the film The Hours. Nelly found the train station and we filmed there all day. Of course it's a working train station, so we had to keep stopping for trains and passengers. It would of normally taken a few hours, took all day to film, but it worked out in the end.

Acting Exercises (2011)

I had just read I'll Be In My Trailer by John Badham and I wanted to try out some of the directing techniques he details in the book. I took a couple of scenes from the Blood + Roses script and gather up some of my actor friends to shoot these exercises. The last exercise we shot was from the script Keeper written by Benjamin Green. He asked if we could try it out and I said yes.


Benjamin Green had put me forward to make a corporate video for Tempur Video. The script had been performed on stage for the heads of Tempur, and now they wanted to make a video of it. Ben put my name forward, they spoke to me and we shot it a few weeks later.


After Blood + Roses, I was looking for my next feature to make. I came up with an idea for a werewolf story. About a group of friends that go camping in the woods and end up in the middle of a battle between a hunter and a werewolf. I came up with this concept trailer to sell the idea of the script. Unfortunately nothing happened with it, but here's the trailer for you to watch.


Adrian Annis asked me to shoot this piece for him for his showreel. I agreed as I wanted to try out my new camera, the Panasonic GH4. This was the first time I was able to shoot 4K. I shot the scene wide, with a prime lens, down converted it to HD, and did an digital push-in on Premiere. I think it worked out really well.


This is the first music video I have directed. I was approached by James O'Shea on my Birthday. He asked me if I wanted to direct this idea he had for a music video for the singer Mat Motte. I agreed. It was a one day shoot, all on location, with Maria Thomas playing the part of the ill fated girlfriend and Mat playing the lead. I enjoyed doing it, and I would like to do more.


Mat was so impressed with the video for Lame, that he asked me to direct the next video for him. There wasn't much money, so we kept it simple. The makeup was inspired by the Demon makeup in the Exorcist. The black and white mask you seen in Father Karras's dreams. The shoot went well, but in post production there was artistic differences. So the video didn't get used in the end, but I'm happy with how it came out.

Makeup Timelapse (2015)

Virginia Popova asked me to take photos of a new makeup design she was trying out. I arrived at her place to document the whole thing. As well as taking photos, I decided to use the timelapse mode on a GoPro. I shot the whole process from beginning to end as Virginia and her assistant applied the makeup to the model.

This is what editing a podcast looks like (2015)

I decided to film myself editing an episode of the Movie Heaven Movie Hell podcast. I used a GoPro again to shoot the timelapse. I documented the whole process of editing.

Dog Lazing In The Sun (2015)

I was trying out a new piece of kit, a Zacuto Enforcer should rig, in my background and decided to shoot my dog Suzie, who was just out lazing in the sun. When editing the footage together I used music from Blocked on the soundtrack.


From time-to-time I do reviews of video products. This one was my first one. It was the review of a new picture profile that Panasonic released for the GH4. I went out around the Barbican and filmed with this new setting. Then I put the footage up on YouTube, with a voice over of my thoughts, for other's to see.

Rode Videomic Go Review (2016)

Through collecting a whole load of Nectar points, I was able to buy a Rode Videomic Go for my camera. Once I received it, I decided to do an unboxing and review video. I shot a lot of tests, trying the mic out from different distances. Then I recorded my thoughts on the mic and put the video up on YouTube.

PANAsonic GH4 Flat Picture Profiles (2016)

Here is a video showing off the flat picture profiles for the Panasonic GH4 that I shot for YouTube. It shows off what footage looks like when it comes out of the camera and what it looks like graded.

PANAsonic GH4 Supertone Looks (2016)

I was looking online at picture profiles that people recommended for the Panasonic GH4, when I came across a profile known as Supertone. After further search I found another article listing 6 different looks using the Supertone settings, on a page called Claude Works. (He has called his settings Claudetone) I decided to shoot a test and see what each one looks like. They are good if you want a look straight out of the camera and you aren't looking to do any colour grading.

When the video went up, I got asked to do a follow up video using Claudetones to look at Skintones. I couldn't find a model, so I did the modeling myself. I set up the camera and then run in position. I got a few remarks about focus, but you try shooting yourself. It's not easy.

People On The High Line - New Order (2016)

This video was shot for a competition for the band, New Order. I shot this in Barbican with Keith Eyles, my co-host on the Movie Heaven Movie Hell podcast, and Jen-Marie Atkinson one afternoon in May. Unfortunately we weren't the winning video, but they have been kind enough to let me show off the video anyway.