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As well as working as a Lighting Camera Operator, I am also an Editor. (Those are included in my camearwork section) These videos are the ones that I soley edited. Enjoy!

Pissing With Confidence (2000)

This was the first short film I was asked to edit. Nicholas Hughes wrote and directed this short film, and I had been the stills photographer on it. Nick had another editor onboard, but halfway through he quit. So I stepped in and finished the film for Nick.

welcome to my dream (2007)

SHOWStudio did a competition back in 2007 looking for the best edited fashion video. Under the eye of Mike Figgis, they shot hundred of hours of footage and put them online for people to edit. This is my entry. Not very flashy, but then editing doesn't have to be. I like this story that this model had to tell. Instead of cutting shots over it, I decided to just the shot on her, as the face is the one thing we look at a lot in film. I didn't win, but I was asked by the model if they could use this video. Of course I said yes.

Markettiers4DC (2015)

These next lot of videos where edited for Markettiers4DC. Clive Ashenden got in touch with me asking if I was available to do an editing job for them. I was. After that I was offered work on a freelance basis, editing these videos on location. I went up to Sheffield twice to film for Nissan and Coventry for Fish Is The Dish. They had to be finished by the end of the day, before travelling back down to London, so there was a lot of pressure to get these done. They turned out good.